How I Can Help You

All of my clients have direct access to me. A comprehensive review of your financial assets will include the following areas of interest:

  • Current costs of existing plans to identify if fees are realistic or excessive. We strive to offer the most efficient investments with an eye toward minimizing expenses where possible while ensuring your portfolio objectives are aligned with your goals.
  • Retirement plans such as IRA's, 401k and 403b pension plans 
  • Beneficiaries and Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) strategies. We will explore all options to protect and preserve your investments while also growing the portfolio to help you meet the requirements of the RMD
  • Current and future income expectations will identify the amount of earnings you have to pursue your financial goals in the future
  • Creating distributions strategies to help improve retirement savings. Sometimes it will be beneficial to hold your securities for future growth as opposed to selling them just to meet the requirement of the RMD
  • Legacy assets, wills and trusts. We want to try and stretch your assets for those who will be receiving those assets and to do our best to make it as tax efficient as possible
  • Life, Disability and Long Term Care options. Age brings with it new concerns and challenges. Our goal is to review each of these areas to provide protection for any such occurences. The absence of proper insurance can unfortunately erode much of the assets that have been acquired over the course of your lifetime and leave beneficiaries with unexpected burdens or hardships.

Individuals or business owners looking for ways to keep more of what is earned is always a key topic of discussion. Guiding individuals on the best practices to use in a retirement plan can help to avoid costly mistakes. Research can help identify timely growth opportunities. 

No speculative ideas will be solicited. Clients will benefit from the knowledge of a seasoned financial professional who has experienced market bottoms in 2001, 2008 and 2018. The benefit for you as a customer is to try and avoid such occurences in the future as best we can. Helping others is the core of my practice as it is in my personal life. For individuals open to new opportunities to grow their wealth and remain within the stated risk objectives - that is the true value of working with Alexander Blaire Financial Consulting, Inc.

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